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underlined that the financial support must be fully compliant with all aspects of the EU's state aid and internal market rules, it said. In particular, state aid cannot be subject to additional non-commercial conditions concerning the location of investments and/or the geographic distribution of restructuring measures. The EU's executive body added it will be attentive to the social consequences of the sale as it comes to a conclusion about its legality. German guaranteeThe German-led Opel Christian Louboutin Scarpe Trust - containing representatives from GM, the German federal government and the German states that contain Opel plants - has controlled the European operations since GM sought bankruptcy protection in the US in June this year. The trust's chairman, Fred Irwin, said on Thursday that they had recommended - given the burden on German taxpayers and for the sake of German jobs - that those guarantees be used for Opel in Germany only. The sale to Magna is being seen as a victory for German chancellor Angela Merkel Christian Louboutin Scarpe Outlet - who said she was very pleased about it - just two weeks before the national election. Opel employs a total of 54,500 workers across Europe, with 25,000 Christian Louboutin Scarpe based in Germany. British unions have expressed concern about the long-term future of Vauxhall's 5,500 UK workers and its two British plants in Luton and Ellesmere Port. Magna has also suggested shifting some production from a plant in Zaragosa in Spain back to Germany.
Central bankers have backed new measures to strengthen supervision of the global banking industry.ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet presided over the Basel meeting A meeting of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which consists of the world's central banks, pledged to increase bank's capital requirements. The plans should substantially reduce the probability and severity of economic and financial stress, the BIS said. But the BIS did not set out a timeline for implementation of the proposals. The measures will be outlined in detail by year-end and be introduced in a way that does not impede th
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